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About Us: At EDTechWorx, we believe that education is the most important yet least developed sector. We are obsessively passionate about bringing a change in education industry, and our mission is to help transform it. Today, we are one of the leading edtech companies in Pakistan. We aim to revolutionize the education sector by introducing gamified digital content which is easily consumable and user friendly. 


Our Verticals


iSchool is a gamified home schooling system which promises and delivers quality education no matter where you are. Students can take charge of their education with a combination of academic and creative modules.


iMDP is an easy to use online learning platform to develop budding business leaders, innovators and thinkers. iMDP's various modules help you re-skill and up-skill your current skill sets. Top-performing students are linked with our hiring partners to increase their employment prospects. 


MyStrartUp is a program which offers a custom designed digital interactive training to get you equipped with all the entrepreneurial skills needed to develop a winning business venture.


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