Design Thinking for Customer Centric Innovation

Design Thinking for Customer Centric Innovation


At the heart of a customer-centered design is a structured creative process which begins with user empathy and ends with an innovative solution that addresses customer’s unmet needs.

This 3 – week course will take you on a hands-on and informative journey from an idea to a product: you will develop empathy for your customers, identify a problem and reframe it, brainstorm ideas and synthesize them into a practical solution, and finally prototype it using our Design Thinking toolkit.

The course will culminate in a Design Project Presentation online session with Dr. Farrah Arif. 

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

► Define and apply the basic concepts of Design Thinking

► Understand the various ways of brainstorming and generating ideas

► Explore a given business challenge and produce a meaningful solution using Design Thinking

► Discover the importance of Design Thinking in the Digital Age

► Use our Design Thinking toolkit to solve a business problem in their own area of work

Week 1 – Online Content Delivery

Introduction to Design Thinking

Chapter 1: Understanding Design Thinking

► Design Thinking: Definition & Example

► Evolution of Design Thinking

► Myths About Design Thinking

► Design Thinking vs Traditional Problem Solving

Chapter 2: Step 1 in Design Thinking – Empathize

► Empathy in Design Thinking

► Your Point of View

► Can Design Thinking Solve All Your Problems?

► Your Research Plan

► Your Empathy Toolbox

Chapter 3: Step 2 in Design Thinking – Define

► What is a Design Brief?

Chapter 4: Step 3 in Design Thinking – Ideate

► Brainstorming

► Concept Development & Connection Building

► Napkin Pitch

► Value Curves

► E-R-R-C Framework

Chapter 5: Step 4 in Design Thinking – Prototype

► What is a Prototype?

► Prototyping Methods

Chapter 6: Step 5 in Design Thinking – Test

► Phases in Testing Stage


Week 2 - Online Case Study Session with Dr. Farrah Arif

Module Two  - Case Study 

Module Three – Product/Service/Strategy Design Project Toolkit


Café Yum is an international fast-food chain, known for its WOW customer experience. The brand is now all set to expand its footprint into Pakistani fast food industry. Since Café Yum primarily operates in high-end universities globally, it must dive deep, understand and analyze how a student enrolled in a top Pakistani university spends his/her day on campus. This, in turn, will help it recreate equally good or even better customer experiences than its competitors in the local market, for their target group, the students. To that end, the restaurant management went to Lahore University of Management Sciences, a prestigious educational institute of the country, and collected data from its students.

In the light of the data collected, the brand now wants to know what kind of services it should offer at its café. Given a certain menu and price structure, Café Yum must live up to its global reputation of delivering AWESOME customer experiences. It is looking for a customer-centric service design, which is more focused on the customer experience, rather than the menu and price structure. 

The participants will assume the role of a service design expert, immerse into the data, and create a workable prototype of the service that Café Yum should deliver.

Learning Outcomes

In this case, participants will learn how to:

► Understand user needs, create user personas and map user journeys

► Gather insights from user research and (re)define the design problem

► Actively participate in brainstorming sessions on an online collaborative platform in cross-functional teams

► Communicate their idea/solution through audio and/or visual storytelling and quick prototyping

► Cultivate a design thinking mindset suited to creative problem-solving

Material(s) for the Instructor

► Teaching note and other Teacher Support materials such as videos, data files etc.

Miscellaneous Information

Publishing Date: April 3, 2018

Discipline: Design Thinking

Subjects: Innovation, Creative Problem-Solving, Service Design Thinking,

Industry: Fast Food

Region: South East Asia

Length: 3 hour read

3-month access to our 100% paperless Design Thinking toolkit, customized for your project.  (For 5-member workgroups with some additional fee)

EdTech Worx’s Design Project Toolkit contains interactive tools and templates for key deliverables of a design project:

► Persona Development

► Stakeholder’s Journey Mapping

► Brainstorming (Digital Post-it Notes)

► Idea Connection & Clustering

► Forced Connections

► Prototype

• Redesigned Stakeholder’s Journey Mapping

• Storytelling

Educators and trainers can use this toolkit as an end-of-course project. Students can use it to:

► Map the entire design process step by step.

► Create, document and save all the relevant information and data on a cloud-based platform.

► Work individually as well as in groups, save and share the information while the team lead or ‘moderator’ oversees their activities.

► Create user personas and customer journey maps and conduct brainstorming sessions.

► Repeat the process and revise their prototypes after they get feedback from users. All submissions are timestamped, making it easier for the moderators to review each group member’s activities and keep a real-time record of their contribution to the project.

► Download any and all of the information saved on the digital platform and share it with their group members and instructor.

► Present the data stored on the toolkit directly to the instructors without having to create a slide deck on PowerPoint.

The Design Thinking course pack includes the following:

► Digital course materials (chapters and interactive microlearning assets) accessible on a single-screen, easy-to-use digital platform

► Digital Interactive Case Study 

► 90-day access to Design Project digital toolkit for organizational workgroups

This practical and immersive blended course is useful to individuals and organizational workgroups who wish to redesign their business ideas or tackle their company’s business problem using design thinking.

For customizable eLearning solutions:

1. If you're an organization or a corporate trainer, go to our Contact Us page and leave us a message.

2. Our team will contact you to verify and schedule an appointment with you in order to discuss your training requirements. Access to the customized course pack will be given only upon full receipt of the payment.

3. Your trainer will be provided with free, on-site training by EdTech Worx's subject matter experts. Relevant Teaching Support materials (videos, notes etc) will also be given on the training day.

Fee: $1000 per participant

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*Our costs are inclusive of the subscription fee of a 3-month access to our 100% paperless Design Project toolkit, customized for your project. (For 5-member workgroups with some additional fee)

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About the Author

Dr. Farrah Arif

With a PhD from University of Cambridge and a distinguished career as educationist, corporate trainer, strategic thinker and marketing consultant, Dr. Farrah Arif has helped many organizations optimize their business strategy to drive sustainable revenue growth and profits. Her clientele includes large corporations such as Telenor, Jazz, Packages, EasyPaisa, Engro Foods and Bulleh Shah Packages. Her areas of specialty are Business Digital Transformation Strategy, Marketing in the Digital Age, Consumer Data Analytics and Simulation, and Design Thinking.

Her expertise in data analytics and passion for digital transformation led her to establish an educational technology company called EdTech Worx, which creates data-driven, technology-enabled educational products for university education and corporate training.

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