Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship

Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship


In developing countries such as Pakistan, a lot of potential for economic growth exists. Entrepreneurship is one tool that can play a vital role in the growth of this country’s economy. But not all start-ups can add up to the country’s economy if they do not thrive. 

Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship is your go-to Digital Interactive Book (DIB) before you plan to take up any business – big or small. In this day and age, we see hundreds of start-ups sprouting in each year however, only a handful are successful, lest they survive. This book is all you need to know before you take up the much-anticipated journey of an entrepreneur.

On completion of the course at the end of the semester, students will have a chance to take part in the bi-annual competition for start-ups, the MyStartUp Summit.

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- Looking at the definitions of an entrepreneur and discovering the entrepreneurial principles of ‘Effectuation’

- Recognizing opportunities and converting ideas into opportunities

- Finding the untapped spaces in the market for startup creation and creating an innovative and convincing value proposition around a startup

- Understanding the concepts of a lean startup and minimum viable products

- Exploring the essentials of marketing for new startups


Introductory Price: PKR 2,000 / user for the entire semester. For further details, contact us via WhatsApp on +92-311-8451643 or email us at

EdTech Worx (Pvt.) Ltd., founded by Dr Farrah Arif in 2017, curates authored Digital Interactive Books (DIBs) on its Interactive Learning Management System (iLMS) to generate WoW experience for students and faculty members.

DIBs can be implemented in the classroom as part of syllabus or as a supplementary material. DIBs are developed using the six levels of Bloom’s taxonomy: Remember, Understand, Apply, Analyse, Evaluate and Create.

DIBs create value for all the stakeholders:

  • Faculty members have engaging content embedded with local examples to teach and have auto grading & paperless teaching features that save faculty members’ time and energy. They can also add their own content and excercises using MyDIP (Digital Interactive Platform) pedagical tools. 
  • Students learn in a gami ed environment using simulations, animations, videos, interactive chats and discussions. Administration and quality assurance departments have live dashboards to monitor course progress.
  • Projects with high grades are shared with NICs and other players of entrepreneurship eco-system. This way students have an opportunity to secure their spots in incubation centers.

The infographics below show the features that come with our Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship DIB. 


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