Developing Entrepreneurial Attitude

Developing Entrepreneurial Attitude


In developing economies, a lot of potential for growth exists. Entrepreneurship can be a means of livelihood for many in such economies. However, most of us lack an entrepreneurial attitude, the sort of attitude which sparks and boosts entrepreneurial activity. Also, unfortunately, a lot of people in such economies are unable to look beyond choices that allow them a secure method of making money. Partially, they are inhibited because of the scarcity of the monetary resources they have; what would they do if they were to lose all of whatever little they possess, they ponder. Partially, they lack the training that can be helpful in the creation of new products/services or new ventures.


This module will help current or would-be entrepreneurs, students interested in learning about entrepreneurship, and even people employed in organizations understand the process and the principles of entrepreneurship, and the required set of personality and mindset for it. The discussion will be enriched by examples of Pakistan-based entrepreneurs whose stories illustrate what entrepreneurship entails.

  • Learn about the process and principles of Effectuation as they apply to entrepreneurial activity.
  • Explore the entrepreneurial mind and personality.
  • Identify the value that you will deliver to the customers.

This module is for executives, startups and students who wish to test their entrepreneurial knowledge and learn about the process of entrepreneurship and personalities of the entrepreneurs with examples from the Pakistani market.

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