MyStartUp: Preparatory Course

MyStartUp: Preparatory Course


In developing economies such as Pakistan, a lot of potential for growth exists. Entrepreneurship is one such tool that can aid such economies. However, due to lack of resources in both monetary as well as technical and educational support, entrepreneurial growth is stunted in the country.

This 4-week (you can finish it in four days as well, if you like) preparatory course helps current and potential entrepreneurs as well as undergraduate and postgraduate students to understand the process and principles of entrepreneurship. Not just that, it grooms participants to know the set of personality traits and mindset required for start-ups. The course is enriched with example of Pakistan-based ventures whose stories illustrate what entrepreneurship entails.

Moreover, if participants score 65% or higher in the included assessment, they get to enter the MyStartUp Summit 2020 that would include a winning seed money prize!

Enrolment deadline: 19 Feb 2020

Round 1: 25 Feb (NIC Lahore) & 27 Feb (NIC Karachi)

Mega Event: 20 March 2020 at NIC Lahore

  • Exploring the definitions of an entrepreneur and discovering the entrepreneurial principles of ‘Effectuation’
  • Recognizing opportunities and converting ideas into opportunities
  • Finding the untapped spaces in the market for startup creation and creating an innovative and convincing value proposition around a startup
  • Understanding the concepts of a lean startup and minimum viable products
  • Exploring the essentials of marketing for new startups

This course is for passionate individuals who want to start their own ventures or businesses. The individuals can be undergraduate and graduate students or anyone who is interested in refining their business ideas.

Knowledge of Entrepreneurship

In the form of chapters which will cover a wide range of topics

A Community

This community which will be based on an ecosystem of all participants who register for the program. The purpose of connecting these participants is to give them a support system where they can reach out to individuals who have similar goals and will be going through similar problems in attaining these goals.

Business Plans

The last segment of the certification is dedicated to having the participants enrolled implement what they have learnt from the course by making a business model brief of their proposed business/school/project. At the end of this certification, participants will make investment pitches infornt of investors to start their business.

The cost for course registration is PKR. 3200/- per person (i.e. if you are a team of 5 members, all 5 members need to register separately).

All participants will automatically be eligible for the MyStartUp Summit 2020 given that they score more than 65% in their assessments. All pupils will receive a certificate and have lifetime access to all course material.

For more information, call/whatsapp: 0311-8451643 or email:


Chapter 1- Introduction to Entrepreneurship
Chapter 2 - Converting Ideas into Opportunities
Chapter 3 - Feasibility Analysis
Chapter 4 - Designing an Innovative Value Proposition
Chapter 5 - Lean Startup Model
Chapter 6 - Business Model Canvas
Chapter 7 - Marketing Essentials for Startups 

Dr. Muhammad Shehryar Shahid

Dr. Muhammad Shehryar Shahid got his PhD from the University of Sheffield in 2011. Before doing his PhD, he did his MBA from LUMS and his Bachelors from Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering and Technology. Currently, he serves as an Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship at LUMS.

His academically polished background in the field of entrepreneurship is supplemented by his entrepreneurial experiences gained through businesses of his own. Not only that, he is one of the leaders of the Entrepreneurship Working Group at LUMS.

Outside of LUMS, he is an Editorial Board Member of Journal of Small Business & Entrepreneurship and an Editorial Advisory Board Member of The Lahore Journal of Business (LJB).

Prior to joining LUMS, he was assigned the role of the Head of Management and Organisation Division and the Director of Centre for Entrepreneurship and SMEs (CESME) at the University of Central Punjab.


Dr. Farrah Arif

With a distinguished career as a corporate trainer and a PhD from the University of Cambridge Judge Business School, Founder and CEO of EDTechWorx, Dr. Farrah Arif, is an EDUTECH Commonwealth scholar and a visionary entrepreneur who has helped top national and multinational corporates to drive sustainable growth and profits.

Dr. Farrah is currently awarded an exclusive chair of Executive in Residence at Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) – Pakistan. She has been teaching Marketing & Entrepreneurship in business schools internationally since 1999.

As a certified trainer from Harvard Business School (HBS), Dr. Farrah remains actively involved in mentoring and training business heads globally in the domains of Design Thinking, Digital Transformation and Consumer Data Analytics.

Welcome to MyStartUp programe powered by EDTechWorx!

You can develop and run the whole cycle of incubation (from classroom / induction from outside the univeristy eco-system to Investor Pitches) by using MyStartUp programme.

Contact us for further details.

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00:13am - Jan. 14, 2020

Shahama Sajid

Had a great experience studying digitally at my own convenience. I still have access to all course material post completing my course. The case studies of the Pakistani industry offer great market research resources. Recommended. :)

13:06pm - Jan. 10, 2020

Rana Arbab Saleem

Experience is good and very easy to study for edtechwor. I hope edtechworx is always good for future students.