Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan


Our digital toolkits streamline business processes for informed and traceable decision making, and efficient enterprise project management.

Regardless of your physical locations, you, your colleagues and managers can work individually as well as in groups, and create strategic business plans on a digital space.

Our Marketing Plan toolkit focuses on the following key marketing areas to help you build a strong, well-informed plan:

► Understanding of marketplace and Consumer Needs

► Identification of a Sweet Spot

► Segmentation, Targeting & Positioning

► Customer Value Creation & Delivery (4 Ps of Marketing Mix: Product, Promotion, Distribution, Price)

► Customer Relationship Management for Customer Acquisition & Retention

EdTech Worx's Marketing Plan toolkit helps you organize and manage a successful marketing campaign using a comprehensive set of interactive tools and templates - all on a single platform.

Individuals and organizational workgroups can use this toolkit to:

► Understand what resources they need (and in what order) to develop, implement and execute a marketing strategy.

► Create, document and save all the relevant information and data on a cloud-based platform.

► Work individually as well as in groups, save and share the information while the team lead or ‘moderator’ oversees their activities.

► Create user personas and customer journey maps and conduct brainstorming sessions using our dynamic interfaces for

► Persona development

• Customer Journey Mapping

• Brainstorming

• Idea Connection & Clustering

• Forced Connections

► Track progress of marketing efforts and revise the plan accordingly. All submissions are timestamped, making it easier for the moderators to review each group member’s activities and keep a real-time record of their contribution to the project.

► Download any and all of the information saved on the digital platform and share it with the instructors/managers.

► Personalize the resources and workflow to adapt to their specific needs. The easy-to-use portal offers different controls to students, moderators and instructors/managers which makes it all the more flexible and customizable.

► Present directly the data stored on the toolkit to the managers without having to create a slide deck on PowerPoint.

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About the Author

Dr. Farrah Arif

With a PhD from University of Cambridge and a distinguished career as educationist, corporate trainer, strategic thinker and marketing consultant, Dr. Farrah Arif has helped many organizations optimize their business strategy to drive sustainable revenue growth and profits. Her clientele includes large corporations such as Telenor, Jazz, Packages, EasyPaisa, Engro Foods and Bulleh Shah Packages. Her areas of specialty are Business Digital Transformation Strategy, Marketing in the Digital Age, Consumer Data Analytics and Simulation, and Design Thinking.

Her expertise in data analytics and passion for digital transformation led her to establish an educational technology company called EdTech Worx, which creates data-driven, technology-enabled educational products for university education and corporate training.

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