From Experience to WoW Experience ... The Game of Design!


It was 2016, when Telenor Pakistan approached Lahore University of Management Sciences for a Design Thinking based program. I took the challenge and the rest was history.

I acknowledged Irfan Wahab, CEO Telenor, that it was his innovative company that made me a Design Thinker. As a designer, I identified some sore pain-points of the team members & the team lead. And I decided to develop a WoW experience without unhappy paths for the design users. cool

My resolve of developing something innovative for nurturing designers in the local industry was further strengthened after talking to Muhammad Hamayun Sajjad, Head of Innovation & Digital Transformation, UBL. In early 2017, he and his team started working with IBM to develop Pakistan’s first Design Thinking Studio. Recently, I visited the studio; it’s a beauty, no doubt.

But my worry remained… Design Thinking is such a paper-intensive methodology… Knowing the industry, I understand, managers would hate the paper work. Digitization is the only solution of making this world-renowned way of thinking, a practical tool in the Pakistani Landscape. yes

So finally, EdTech Worx (Pvt) Ltd. launched a virtual Design Thinking studio this year, so that your companies (Banks / Telcos / FMCGs) take the full advantage of the state-of-the-art technology (100 % paperless experience) and you do Human Centered innovation.enlightened

It is no more a cumbersome process… rather we have made it a gamified experience. You collect the information & data and play with it to funnel it in such a way that within a few hours your human centered innovative solution (first iteration) is ready… You repeat the process a couple of times with more data and land up with a perfect solution for your customers / potential customers. BINGO!

Currently, 28 members of Telenor Microfinance Bank Limited, an innovative team of Omar Moeen Malik, Head of Digital Payments & Wallet Products, is experiencing our 3-week Blended Learning Design Thinking course started on Feb 4, 2019.

If you want to have a flavor of our Virtual Design Thinking Studio or want to strengthen your resume, join our 2 weeks of online preparation on our virtual design thinking studio & then one day meetup with me to kick-off your own Design Thinking Studio.

Upcoming Programs:

February 21 - March 11, 2019 (Karachi meet up, March 8)

February 25 - March 17, 2019 (Islamabad meet up, March 15)

February 28 - March 20, 2019 (Lahore meet up, March 19)

For registration visit: Design Thinking Registration

The registration cost is PKR 20,000 per user. This registration is with a 3-month access to our 100% paperless Design Thinking toolkit, customized your project. (for 5-member workgroups)

EdTech Worx’s Design Project Toolkit contains interactive tools and templates for key deliverables of a design project:

Persona Development; Stakeholder’s Journey Mapping; Brainstorming (Digital Post-it Notes); Idea Connection & Clustering; Forced Connections; Prototype (a) Redesigned Stakeholder’s Journey Mapping (b) Storytelling

You have all the required features needed for a collaborative project.

► Map the entire design process step by step.

► Create, document and save all the relevant information and data on a cloud-based platform.

► Work individually as well as in groups, save and share the information while the team lead or ‘moderator’ oversees your activities.

► Create user personas and customer journey maps and conduct brainstorming sessions.

► Repeat the process and revise prototypes after you get feedback from users. All submissions are timestamped, making it easier for the moderators to review each group member’s activities and keep a real-time record of your contribution to the project.

► Download any and all of the information saved on the digital platform and share it with your team members.

► Present the data stored on the toolkit directly to the team without having to create a slide deck on PowerPoint.

Creativity cannot be unleashed without a process and collaboration!


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Dr. Farrah Arif

With a PhD from University of Cambridge and a distinguished career as educationist, corporate trainer, strategic thinker and marketing consultant, Dr. Farrah Arif has helped many organizations optimize their business strategy to drive sustainable revenue growth and profits. Her clientele includes large corporations such as Telenor, Jazz, Packages, EasyPaisa, Engro Foods and Bulleh Shah Packages. Her areas of specialty are Business Digital Transformation Strategy, Marketing in the Digital Age, Consumer Data Analytics and Simulation, and Design Thinking. Her expertise in data analytics and passion for digital transformation led her to establish an educational technology company called EdTech Worx, which creates data-driven, technology-enabled educational products for university education and corporate training.